August 10, 2004

Blog Book - Extremecliffe Weblogsky Bookowski

Joi says that Jon and Mitch have blogged their Extreme Democracy book here. Comment facility at the ready. WIKI thoughts go here.

Now, I've had my bones to pick with the symantics around emerging this and emergent that. Even coined the widely-adopted phrase, "emergent shit from my anus." I'm not proud, but it's true. Okay I'm a little proud. I hear Harvard Business Review is going to use it. Ask Joi, he'll tell you.

So when I read the Extreme Democracy title, I got a little scared that I'd have to get all sassy again. But then I decided that I do love watching folks stretch the blog format to acomplish different things now and then--different from daily updates about our body parts, say.

Thing is, I don't so much enjoy the PDF-ism chapter linkage of the posts, and I can't seem to get the html versions of the chapters (I think that's what they're supposed to be over on the left) to come up.

Nonetheless, shoulder slaps all around for making the bookowski available to themasses (better known as us kids) here in the bloghood. Joi's even got a paper in the book. That superstar.

Once I can get the html to come up, I'm going to even read some of it, perhaps comment more intelligently. More extremely maybe. Or less so. Leaving out references to anuses. Or anusi. Not sure which. Guess that's a good thing.

I'll check back tomorrow.