August 10, 2004

In honor of the BW article on Biz Blogs, Stuart offers up an idea and a model -- up to you to decide to do it, or not.
Business blogging hits the headlines in this week's Business Week. It's a nice article and suggests a new opportunity. To my knowledge no one is yet syndicating top CEO blogs. The url is available! So here it is. Create a syndicated blog forum that captures Fortune 500 CEO blogs. By aggregating CEO blogs you get some unique opportunities. Afterall all you are doing is aggregating their blogs. They don't like it... they can stop blogging. Centralizing the most important ones will add new perspective to the investment community, corporate direction etc. The Fortune 500 is just one slice of this. CEOBlogs can be sliced by country, industry, turnover etc.

I would not limit it to Fortune 500. In fact, I might put them at the bottom. They certainly don't have a monopoly on creativity, innovation or voice.