August 03, 2004

blogroll alert

don't freak out if you're not on my blogroll yet. after holding out for year(s), I'm finally using I'm getting used to it. Surfing around clicking like a freak.

I used to be a staunch "Prune it yourself" fanatic when it came blogrolls. I thought was like your boss cheating and using one of those automated performance appraisal packages. "If my work means something to you, can you spend a few seconds to, you know, write something original down?" I actually said this to the CEO I worked for at one company. She was too busy, so she used the software and embellished with a couple adjectives she got out of something I wrote for her.

Now I have an earache and too many people have moved addresses too many times for me to keep up. I give up. I am a blogroll idealist no more. The hand-pruned blogroll is here no more. Long live

I have to go to the doc now. Leave me a link in comments to remind me where you live. 'Cept if you know I can't stand you. Then don't bother. You know who you are.

[[that's just to get you thinking while I'm away.]]