August 03, 2004

We are proud to claim him (errrr, most of the time).

Ted talks Gonzo.

Thing about it is that some of Ted's concerns are now reality--they don't feel futuristic to me. They feel like a done deal.

And by the way, the difference between blogging and journalism (and independent blogging vs. corporate blogging) is that most journalists are working for shareholders and report up to someone whose ass is on the line. In blogging, our own asses are on the line. Or at least hanging out the window.

Safeguarding the welfare of the public cannot be the first concern of a large publicly traded media company. Its job is to seek profits.

Big media companies want to eliminate all ownership limits. With the removal of these limits, immense media power will pass into the hands of a very few corporations and individuals.

Politically, big media may again be on the wrong side of history--and up against a country unwilling to lose its independents.