September 01, 2005


Stop Talking Future Tense.

We have troops risking their lives in Iraq to secure freedom and save lives. And they CHICKEN OUT in THIS country? They cut and run in New Orleans? So WHAT you get shot at. You Keep Coming for the innocents you say you care so much about in other countries.

Troops? National Guard? All I see from command and control is cowardice and ineptness.

FEMA's quote FIVE DAYS later:

"We didn't understand the magnitude.... Help is on the way."


It's Past too late.

The city is "out of resources at the convention center and doesn't anticipate enough buses," the mayor said in his statement.

CNN's Chris Lawrence described "many, many" bodies, inside and outside the facility on New Orleans' Riverwalk.

"There are multiple people dying at the convention center," Lawrence said. "There was an old woman, dead in a wheelchair with a blanket draped over her, pushed up against a wall. Horrible, horrible conditions.

"We saw a man who went into a seizure, literally dying right in front of us."

Nagin said that "the convention center is unsanitary and unsafe and we are running out of supplies for [15,000 to 20,000] people."

He said the city would allow people to march up the Crescent City Connection to the Westbank Expressway in an effort to find help.

People were "being forced to live like animals," Lawrence said, surrounded by piles of trash and feces.

He said thousands of people were just lying on the ground outside the building -- many old, or sick, or caring for infants and small children.

More people were arriving at the center, walking south along Canal Street. The route north to the Superdome is blocked by chest-deep water.

The convention center was used as a secondary shelter when the Louisiana Superdome was overwhelmed.

Food drops began Thursday afternoon at the convention center, as rain also began falling.
A National Guard helicopter delivered MREs -- meals ready to eat -- and bottles of water. The amounts in the first few drops, however, were far short of enough for everyone.

State officials believe Katrina and its aftermath killed "thousands" of people in New Orleans and surrounding parishes, but no official count had been compiled, Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco said Thursday.

THOUSANDS? Spin again. Try tens of thousands.

Try 100s of Thousands.

And more by the hour.

What else will come out of the water there?

What new disease?

What new cancers and poisons?

Wait? You wait.