September 01, 2005

I agree with Dave Winer (Again).

I have heard several New Yorkers (one who worked in the world trade center before 9/11) talk about what's happening in New Orleans with a detachment I can only presume (hopefully) is due to their own latent trauma issues.

But it's pissing me off.

And Dave's right when he talks about the US Open and the head-turning that's going on in states across the U.S.

HELLO PEOPLE. A tragedy is real no matter how many it affects, but let's look at scope here. The horror of this tragedy is not only that tens of thousands (yes, it'll be that many, if not more) have lost their literal lives, but also that hundreds of thousands have lost everything that made up their lives, PLUS their livelihoods.

At least the USTA has been shamed into donating some money. That took a while.

Now go watch some fucking tennis match with that on your mind.