September 01, 2005

No Room at the Dome.

According to CNN's on-air report at midnight, the Houston Astrodome, where the vast majority of refugees from the Superdome were to arrive at tomorrow, has already begun turning buses away. According to an officer interviewed on the air, the fire marshal has closed the facility indicating that it is at capacity, with only an estimated 8,000 people inside.

What happened to the 23,000 it was supposed to hold?

And where do the buses go next?

And how would you feel if you got to an oasis but the doors were locked?

And how would you like to be those bus drivers?

And where is a FEMA official with news of where the remaining homeless are headed before news gets back to the superdome that there's no room at the inn?

And where's the Houston mayor who was backpatting himself on the air last night for offering his facility?

And where's this President we apparently have?