October 28, 2005

My Poetry as Pain in the Ass

I don't quite know how to share the good news. So read David. And Euen.

Euen has captured it in PDF for posterior--I mean posterity.

Apparently one of my more heartfelt poems has been search optimized right to the top of the Hemorrhoid pile.

I mean, I'm verklempt.

I've saved the PDF in my, errr, samples folder.

Thanks, fellas. ;-)


Shelley said...

Lordy that cracked me up.

misterorange said...

There is nothing scarier than hemorrhoids. Seriously, I'd rather lose an arm than have a bad case of them.

There's something horrific about pain, problems, and procedures that must happen in the dark nether regions.

Ask my wife. She uses this knowledge to freak me out at any given moment.


The Humanity Critic said...

too funny.

Kristine said...

Oh I love that - that's awesome. :)