November 01, 2005

I know I haven't updated. I know this blog has been SUCKorama for the last two weeks. It's because someone's working on a nice new template for me, and I just can't abide this ugly place anymore. Sometimes your words need a place to land before you bother taking all that effort to link them together into fragments and occasional sentences and toss them into the world. For crying out loud bloogle, you might know that and throw us a template bone once every quarter century.

Now I think my swiki has gone and bumped down all the stuff on my sidebar--or it's probably blogger's fault, because generally when blogger fixes some stuff, your template gets all funny...

not to mention half the time I come to read my own non-posting and I get an error message.

My house here is just a mess. I hope to have it back in order soon.

in other news, i'm coming off steroids, grumpy, and tired as fuck.

hope everyone's well.


misterorange said...

Don't talk about not blogging, just blog baby! :)

No excuses, no frills, just your words. RSS feeds don't rely on formatting, just content. You make great content. You should share it.

fpaynter said...

No, no. THIS blog is great! My blog sucks.

(Incidentally, my secret comment word tonight is "fuhxig." Kind of suggestive, ain-it?)

Jeneane Sessum said...

Okay frank, your blog sucks but my blog blows!

Dag orangeman. I'm trying. I have to be patient right now. Sit with me and do that cross-legged "om" thing we're supposed to do while meditating... Ready? "ommmm"

frank my secret code is ratpdcc, which i think is a new rapper!