January 30, 2006

I thought he was on hiatus

I thought Tom Shugart was taking another break -- he's right; we've to respect, or at least accept, one another's rights to do that over time -- but turns out this break was almost his last. Tom, well wishes!!! I didn't know. Oh my. Holy. And we're glad you are still here to talk with us.

I’ve been blessed with a youthful appearance and attitude. But the interior organs and pipes, and the family genes, are not fooled. They are beginning to do what they tend to do after seven decades--and in my family, usually before then.

I’ve eaten healthy, low-fat foods for over twenty years, stopped smoking thirty-five years ago, walked vigorously for over a mile every day, or nearly so, but the genes and the passage of time are what they are.

The life-saving (at least for the time being) repairs have been made and I’m now feeling fine. But the new reality is that I’ll spend the rest of my life with a bottle of nitro tablets within reach at all times—always with the hope that the other shoe doesn’t drop, but being forced to accept the fact that it could at any moment.

Tom points to Dervala, who also posted from a beyond of sorts with her usually-gifted reflections -- this time about wanting and expecting.
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Tom Shugart said...

Thanks, Jeneane, for your kind words, and for leaving a comment at my blog. It's always a treat to hear from you!