February 03, 2006

How Bummed am I...

That I had to miss this event?

My level of bummed-ness is hardly describable. The problem was, having very recently left my last business venture and again entered solo-space (and the mom thing, well you know), I was completely snowed under. It's a good problem to have. But it's bad when it comes to going across the country to explode my mind with the 3,244 ideas they seemed to have managed to come up with despite my absence.

If I'd have gone, I would still be high as a kite, de-focused, thrilled, inventing, loving all of the new women I read but haven't met. That sure beats the four press releases I have due over the weekend. ;-)

I'm so happy for Halley that it was a success, and everything I've read says the event was on-the-money as far as brainstorms go. I look foward to getting my ass to both SXSW and BlogHer, which ought to take me into the idea stratosphere for a month. Not good, pragmatically speaking.

I also look forward to some new models emerging for our children attending AND LEARNING from these events. Why not a 'road school' component to homeschooling? Why not conference-and-business-and-brainstorming that includes our children? In the article I wrote recently for December's Atlanta Parent magazine, Jenna came up with the interview questions and got credit. She also illustrated the article. Listen, Pepsi built its brand around talking to kids (who eventually grow up). Prediction: The companies who start talking to our kids now -- for real, online -- will win big.

Anyway, I'm just thinking. 'Cause the other thing is, you'd have to promise and deliver me a rose gargen before I'd fly six hours from my kid. That's just how it is right now.

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