February 03, 2006

The bubbleshare community

If you haven't browsed through the bubbleshare community yet, take a walk through sometime. I'm not saying that because I help them out part-part-part time. I'm saying so because it feels different and interesting. What's interesting to me is the meat-to-cake variety of things people are posting story albums on. You'll find very nice photography like this, and then you'll find "stuff" like this, which I'm thinking, maybe, represents folks using the simple email-and-send ability of BS to show and sell their wares. I puzzle a little over Iran Air pics and wonder who was taking the trip. Going to, coming from? I wish more folks would add audio -- please? -- so we could hear the story behind an album like this--huh? Is it all an illusion or do these stories help us get real? Maybe some of both.

Take a stroll through. It's not a bad way to spend your lunch break.

...and don't forget the contest runs through Feb 20th, so get busy!

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