January 31, 2006


Today was a tiring one. Not so much because I'm sick and on antibiotics, although yah, that kind of stinks, but also because I had to take care of three children because the primary caregiving parent had to leave town unexpectedly for an out-of-state funeral for a family friend.

Coincidentally, today was also the day we launched the BubbleShare Photo++ Contest and my BlogHer surfing guide. The kids didn't get to bed until 9:30. I was relieved of my sitting duties about 10. That gave me two good hours to get in a couple of launches, right up the old Web 2.0 24x7 alley. Think it, do it, do it some more.

I've been thinking that sometimes the simplest news is the most astonishing. The quiet whisper away from the rush of excitement.

Today was also the day that my blog student, Father Matt Kawiak-- a dear family friend from Rochester, NY, a Priest and counselor and gifted photographer who has had a website for years but has never been able to add to it himself, control it himself, or get his writing and photos up without favors and pleas and lots of lost time -- launched Father Matt's Sonshine Blog to his parishioners and email community.

Many of Father Matt's Friends only know how to use email. They've been surprised and stunned to see his work come alive through his blog. So has he. Previously, he would email his friends a new "sonshine" writing and original photograph each Monday morning. They would read the text and open the photo.

I'm sure many of them didn't know how to keep those Sonshines or photographs--and it's not very practical to keep text and photographs in email for reflection later on. The bottom line: there was no convenient way for Father Matt to direct his own creative process or share those results with his readers and friends.

Enter blogging, a simple, free blogspot blog, a blogroll with an assist by me, and a two-hour lesson over email and phone.

He's on his way.

The reaction so far to Father Matt's blog has been humbling for me.

Something as easy as wrapping text around photos, which those of us who have been here for years take for granted, has moved some of them to tears; they've never seen his words and pictures together before.

With Father Matt, a whole new group is coming along, a little baby toe into the waters of self-publishing--as readers first, yes, and then, who knows, his community, his friends; they are lovely people.

Launch #3 complete.

signing off....God bless.

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Jessica said...

Oh, Jeneane...what a gift you have given Father Matt! Good on you, dear.

I was hoping to attend SXSW (was going to carpool with Shelley) but, alas, it's not meant to be.

Don't suppose you and George need a NYC vacation, do you? Some fellow bloggers are holding a second annual "TequilaCon" that should be interesting (the imbibing of tequila, of course, is recommended but completely optional).