January 29, 2006

Niek's Rib

Niek finally has an answer for the nasty pains in the side he's been experiencing--location illustrated by a lovely model! The pain is chronic, but fortunately not life-threatening. Diagnosis: costochondritis. Say that three times fast.
Actually, as coincidence would have it, I was diagnosed with costochondritis about 10 years ago, brought on by several bouts of acute bronchitis in a short period of time, during which I basically coughed myself into a painful inflamed rib-space situation, which my asthma doc diagnosed as this very same malady. They gave me a short run of steroids, followed by ibuprofen (800). Luckily mine was short lived, although it does come back, usually after being sick with any kind of cough.
Sorry to hear you've got it so bad, Niek, but also glad it's not a, well, less solvable illness. Bottom line: keep the inflamation down to help the pain subside. It's going to be tough keyboarding and shutterclogging for a while I would think.
Looks like you're rarely short in the TLC department. ;-) Get well soon!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK, looks like I'm in... I must have overlooked the "Other" option when I tried to leave a comment here before. So it can be done... ;-)

Thanks Jeneane! Yes, keyboarding and shutterclogging has been tough for quite some time already, but I'm just taking things slow. I'll keep your advise in mind!