January 29, 2006

When The Guys Get Clued

It might have also read, "and trying to avoid what Jeneane Sessum called the Death of BigPR."

You tell me.... Why would anyone pay it in a tight economy when they can get smart, senior level people out on their own for around $100 an hour. And thanks to the Web, the same clients who are paying inflated rates to BigPR can tap into an entire network of loosely joined ex-agency talent that shares leads, news, and really cool gossip I wouldn't even tell you about here. We're self organizing, and it ought to scare the pants off of them.

Doc, I'm pretty sure some women in the communication biz who are clued have said some smart things over the past five years too. Maybe not. Of course, in reflecting about Edelman's having Gotten Religion, you would mention you three and jerry and steve and dave and peter and richard and scoble and rick and rob and mathew and michael--toss in JESUS and the rest of the 12 apostles if you want to. Glad to see Esther there too. Some other women were preaching this stuff INSIDE big PR agencies -- and writing it online -- before some of these guys had even read the Good Word of Cluetrain. I'm just saying.

By the way, it's not the Me2 revolution. It's the me-to-you, or M2Y, revolution. Of course, I've been known to sell my domain names for the right price. Great minds.

And though some may wonder why I would say yes to becoming the contributing editor for the PR and Communications beat at the soon-to-launch BlogHer Surfing Guide, I'm telling you, it's not because I have nothing better to do. It's because it needs to be done, and I'm a good choice to do it.

watch out.

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