February 22, 2006

Bug or Power Law?

Why does my new Technorati "faves' posts" sidebar widget keep showing recent posts for Ken Camp and Stowe Boyd (HI GUYS!), when folks like Sheila Lennon and Will have updated more recently?

Now I love this idea, IF it's not just going to become a mini-me of technorati's top 500 replicated across our blogs in this lil box. I hope it's going to be quite the opposite. Only semi-optimistic on that.

My understanding is that the new widget will act like a fast moving faves roll, with the most recent posts of your selected reading list showing up in the widget. On mine, that's not happening. What gives? Is there a bias against folks who don't have face icons on t'rati? Is it some kind of bug? Power Law reflection? Wha?

wood s lot updated yesterday, not 760 days ago like it says on my faves roll. Did I do something wrong? Does wood need a face?

I added 37 folks, purposely not focusing on my daily bread (and i mean brread), and purposely adding many others who I sometimes forget to read that I SHOULD be reading every day. I want them to appear in my little box based on the newness of their posts. Faces or not. Popular or not.

kay? thx.

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Jeneane Sessum said...

STILL trying to figure how this works... I added Om. Om knocked off Ken, but not Stowe.

Oh Ken. You're no Om.

how's this thing really working?

Frank said...

"How's this thing really working?" Answer: It's not. bmo and me have both updated more recently than it shows. My sandhill blog is somehow split on technorati... partly, it's at sandhill.typepad.com, partly it's at sanhill.typepad.com/sandhill_trek/

What's up with that and how should I maintain my account?

Is Technorati a bunch of great ideas muddied up with mediocre execution?

Shouldn't Technorati have a "Book of 'rati" section that talks about what they're trying to do, identifys the gaps between what they're shooting for and how things work, and maybe even gives the user a clue about how to get something out of it?

Yes, they should.

Jeneane Sessum said...

OH so that's part of the problem--if you've moved blogs? Have you claimed your new blog in Trati? I guess so if it is splitting you.

Dig this--when I added my little "add me to your faves list" button below the widget, it defaulted to the old Content Factor blog--so essentially anyone who added me last night (prolly no one) using that button would have added the blog of my "I'm No Longer There and We're Not Friendly" employer rather than alied (or even blog sisters).

Speaking of which, could I PLEASE add different profile pics to different blogs? I don't want my mug all over the blog sisters representation--i'd rather add a team pic or a logo of some sort. It looks like I'm some old matriarchal wolf overseeing the community. It sure ain't that way.

I don't think they thought this thing through yet for people with multiple blogs owned and for those who have changed blogs...?

They'll probably get it right--I just hope there's not some bias toward the top dogs even when you've added folks who are b-z listers, which i tried to do too.

Well frank, it it's any consolation, when I roll a favorite, I always think of ya. ;-)


Kevin Marks said...

Frank, that's down to typepad having 2 urls for the same blog (because you can have multiple blogs per account and one becomes the default blog). They should be pinging us with the more specific URL now. http://sandhill.typepad.com/sandhill_trek/

We try to gather updates from all blogging platforms, but if you are not seeing yourself (or your friends) in our index you should check the Ping page:


Jeneane, on the page for the 'add me' buttons there is a pop-up saying which of your blogs to use. Sounds like we need to make that more obvious.

Frank said...

When people link to the more generic sandhill.typepad.com/ are data accumulated separate from the data fro the links to sandhill.typepad.com/sandhill_trek?

Jeneane, you would have been amused at my neurotic scan of your list to be sure that you included me and that I was still a real person.

Jeneane Sessum said...

frank you're real. i dont understand why i can't have my top 100. how come only i get 40? i have many more. did i put akma on? damn, i think i didn't. i need more slots. i wanted to feature bloggers who aren't on everyone's lists. i want more room. a little longer widget too.

Sheila Lennon said...

Yeah, part of Technorati knows I updated, and the Washington Post used Trati to say I had linked to them, but the faves don't know I updated. Weird...

Trati's left and right brains aren't speaking to each other.

Jeneane Sessum said...

I know--it is weird. keven mentioned something with addresses of typepad blogs--like there are two addresses sort of and when i added favorites i had to add the FULL url of any typepad blogs. Are you typepad sheila?

dorion said...

Jeneane, we really appreciate your candid feedback. Let me assure you that there is no secret bias applied to any set of blogs in your faves. The post stream is organized reverse chronologically, IOW, most recent at the top.

Now, if one blog posts and pings us more frequently than another, they will show up more often.

Re: typepad.com faves, they do present a conundrum for us. Typepad lets you pick an identity and then host multiple blogs under that identity. One of those blogs is your default. As several people, Kevin included, have commented, the best way for us to match what you want is to use the specific blog URL rather than the main identity URL.

I'm glad you clearly see the value in using your faves to keep up with all the things you want to. The more feedback we get, good and bad, the better we'll be able to make the product.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Sheila Lennon said...

Nope, Movable Type. Go figger...

Sheila Lennon said...

I should have mentioned that it's hosted at livingdot.com, with a unique domain (beloblog.com) so it shouldn't have two addresses.

Sheila Lennon said...

Now, if one blog posts and pings us more frequently than another, they will show up more often.

Dorion, when WaPo was displaying my blog as a referrer to a story, and Trati was displaying it among all the blogs referring to that story, the faves said I hadn't updated in 10 hours.

There seem to be two separate "lists."

bmo said...

since my name has been dragged into this I have dutifully followed Kevin's instructions and done the Ping Thing. Don't know why 37 days ago it disappeared, but for wordpress blogs the help is here Thanks Kevin, I feel less hexed.