February 21, 2006

Extreme Blog Makeover

Is there one blog you visit that you wish had gotten a face lift, like, a year ago? One that loads with a Quicktime error every time a non Macizen visits? One you're happier to read in Bloglines because it looks better in white? One that's various shades and hues  make Joho's color palette  look good?

For me that blog is Kevin Marks' Epeus' Epigone. I nominate Kevin's template for some kind of CSS extreme makeover. Kevin, consider this an intervention. I love to read you. You are one of my friends. Only a friend can say this to a friend: It's time to make a change. I can't bear the greens anymore.


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Kevin Marks said...

I am sorry about the QuickTime errors, as I don't have the ability to modify QT code any more, but I like the green. Admittedly, I have spent less time checking it on Windows lately.
I have also been a bit slack about blogging recently too.

Jeneane Sessum said...

i saw that too. but really. ONE or TWO green colors are okay. It's the 4 or 5 diff shades (one being the khaki) that I can't really...i just... okay i'll stick with it. if you really really like it.