February 21, 2006

George on The Change and The Change Back

payola anyone?

The results of that particular 'house cleaning' resulted in a lot of independent labels getting their products on the charts. The playing field was made level for indies that didn't have the deep corporate ahem, um, 'connections' the majors had so there were a bunch of new acts as well as name acts [no longer the sweetheart of a major] on indy labels that got through the door and received some airplay. [I'm inviting any music industry folks out there to kindly correct me about any of this stuff like payola].


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DeanLand said...

I programmed radio stations in markets large and small, including many of the top 10 major markets. In some of those cases I was the one responsible for the music selection.

We can, indeed, have a v-e-r-y long talk about this. But it is best done over the phone, or via Skype (which is sorta the phone, but not. Yet.)

Jeneane Sessum said...

dean, george is a skyper now - you can reach him at gesproductions. Have fun. ;-) dean i don't see your skype handle. i'm jeneanesessum

bmo said...

Does anyone listen to radio anymore anyway? The numbers that get thrown about by radio industry types...let's say, I'm skeptical. Product is moved, I'm sure. Like beer turns to piss. And you're left holding an empty can. Full deposit, no return. Is worrying about 'radio' even worth the effort? It's like cleaning up waste management. Maybe just leave it as a playground for the feloniously inclined.