February 23, 2006

I believed it then I still believe it

It's time for some review lessons. If not for you, then for me. This is what I believed in 2001; I do more now than ever:

...The Internet is entirely different. It's not an opportunity for viral marketing. We are a virus and we want to multiply. We are the audience. We are the market. We are in it and of it. This is not just our "positioning," it's our position. And we won't recant or renege or back down. Where would we go? What else is there? This is market advocacy. This is gonzo marketing. You don't have to be nuts, but it helps to have been there. Because when you get personal with so may people, you begin to get stretched, to blur at the edges. You don't define your product--you discover who you are.

(C) 2001, Gonzo Marketing, Christopher Locke AKA RageBoy

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Frank said...

No fucking shit.

Bruce said...

yeah, baby