February 02, 2006

I need a job description

If all of my clients and all of my family and all of my pro-bono favorites and all of my bill collectors and all of my kids' teachers and coaches and all of my friends and all of my pets and all of my errands and all of my blogs could all get together and write me a little job description, I would very much appreciate it.
Remember when you worked in an actual corporation and you had actual performance reviews? HA! Now you get paid--that's your review. Remember how your manager's manager made her come up with those stupid "development opportunities" (DOs) for you, no matter what job you had, and it was always stuff that made you say -- Wha? what's that have to do witht the price of tea -- but they had to come up with something, otherwise what would they tell you the next time you had to sit there staring at someone you just saw blow sprite through her nose in the cafeteria and wonder what you two would talk about this time?
And what is a development opportunity when you're 45? I want to fucking retire before I die, and my retirement won't look much different from this that I do right now. That's my objective. How's that. 
Anyway, sorry--got to happily reflecting there. What I'm saying is HOW MUCH the business environment right now right here requires flexibility--how little time there is to stop and wonder, hey, when can I pick up a free training class, instead wondering, hey,when can I pick up a free two minutes?
It's nuts. I love it. It's hyperlinked. The Web is my DO. But I'd still go for a good old fashioned job description.
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