February 24, 2006

More Gonzo Marketing Read Along

"...Like any market, micromarkets are relational affairs. They do not exist independent of their observers in quite the same way as shoes and ships and sealing wax. This may seem an abstruse philosophical point, but it has critical ramifications for business, so pay close attention here. People in the microaudiences coalescing around micromedia do not think of themselves as micromarkets. They think of themselves as people.

This is perhaps the greatest shift in the balance of power between companies and what they have viewed until now as consumers--people whose only function was to buy products. The net has helped human beings rediscover other, and often more interesting, uses for their humanity. Because of this shift in perspective--which has caused online markets to radically realign priorities and allegiences--business needs to be especially wary of using old broadcast terminology as if it still applied in familiar ways. 'It looks like a medium, so it must be like television.' Or 'I see a lot of eyeballs out there, so it must be a branding opportunity.' Just because some words sound the same doesn't mean they describe the same realities."

(C) 2001, Gonzo Marketing, Christopher Locke AKA RageBoy

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Jon Husband said...

I wonder .. like many visionaries, maybe Chris published his book 5 years too early, and the deep core of it's potent message got lost in the noise, dust and fury of the dot.bomb bitbang.

And now .. that there's XX million blogs, and much talk about how and why to use them (or not) in PR and marketing, etc .. maybe now's the time to re-publish it ???

Is that what you're doing ??

Jeneane Sessum said...

I wish he would. We should get a petition up or something to get it online, where it would be easy to update and discuss...

what i'm doing is trying to deflate some of egos of the "OH MY GOD LOOK WHAT I MADE UP" pundits who think they invented the damn Internet and the way blogging works. (Not the nice pundits like al gore. The other ones. ;-))

clocke said...

Seeing as Gonzo Marketing came out in early October of 2001, it "got lost in the noise, dust and fury" of the ACTUAL.bomb-bang of 9/11. Perseus, my publisher at the time, sent out 500 review copies -- which is a SHITload of review copies -- yet the first reviews didn't appear until about March 2002, and even then, they were sparse. Had the evildoers (George W. Bush and cronies) *not* blown the WTC off the map, there's still a good chance the [koff] business press would not have had Clue One what I was talking about, as Business Week would not officially bless the blogging phenomenon for another three years or so.

anyway, it's not like the book needs republishing -- you can buy brand new copies off Amazon for 75 cents + shipping = $4.25 total. I'm not looking to make anything off it at this point. Hell, I got a $250,000 advance to write the thing, and believe me, that offset any tears I might have shed about business "not getting it." I laughed all the way to the fuckin bank!

Jon Husband said...

anyway, it's not like the book needs republishing -- you can buy brand new copies off Amazon for 75 cents + shipping = $4.25 total.

yeah, I know that. Sorry, I wasn't articulate enough (writing can be a bitch at times, at least for me).

I meant the part that you mentioned re: sending out a shitload of review copies, building awareness, etc. And it may be that in '06 it's still too early, 'cuz so many of our fellow humans seem intent on, or addicted to, continuing to deny that all this interlinky shit has real and lasting impact .. they want desperately to believe it is, and will be proven to be, just so much noise.

Obviously, much of what you wrote is clearly happening, word by word, link by link, etc. It's real, it's happening and it is tangible .. but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of accumulated years of history that demand that entropy will have its way, even when confronted, or perhaps because of, a new set of conditions. I always have thought that EGR was a briliant name, tag, brand, whatever ...

I didn't write a book (tho' i did write a proposal about 3+ years ago) re: *wirearchy*, and Dr. JOHO kindly directed me to his agent David Smith (is that the right name, I forget) .. who told me the concept was right-on, powerful, but that I would have to make it less socioculturology and more bidness what's-this and how-to), so here I am.

Why do I mention that ? Because I remain a believer that we are experiencing, and will increasingly experience, the "archy" that attaches to so many of us (and our daily human activities) being wired and more visibly and practically interconnected. And because until quite recently I kept feeling frustrated that I was more-or-less completely ignored. But hey, who am I to get all righteous about what I think, about mere ideas and concepts ? They're not tangible, and can't be sold, so obviously aren't of any use.

I am now convinced that all one can do, really, is be a witness and pick one's spots .. and it will all unfold anyway, probably in more vicious and cynical ways than we might like. Nevertheless, it's essentially impossible for me to unthink what's been thunk.

I'm rambling .. mainly because i'm more or less drunk after a night in the pub. So ... I reserve the right to offer comments that are quite likely to be more understandable, at some other point in time.

Basically, I think our business-oriented North American and western European societies should have (or should now recognize that they might want) another chance at listening to, and maybe understanding more clearly, what YOU have said in GM. I still read various random parts of it regularly, but/and I have long been part of the choir.

The damning shit about all this, I think, is that there is a not-small industry that is aimed squarely at improved effectiveness (all the management and cultural buzz books, like the Tipping Point, Godin's stuff, etc.) that keeps on being churned out "same as it ever was", to borrow a lyric ... while the way forward is being demonstrated in plain sight every day.

The one thing I have never really been able to square in my mind about the focus on marketing is the notion (with which I agree) that the core purpose of *marketing* is to make people dissatisfied with their selves, their circumstances or their lives so that they will buy more shit .. as opposed to getting smarter and more thoughtful about what they buy and consume, and most importantly, why.

I'm hitting "Publish" now while hoping I don't embarass myself too much .. and then going to bed. If I were really smart, I'd probably have another beer.

DeanLand said...


Have another beer (or two) and write more! Good stuff.

Jeneane Sessum said...

GO JON! The next beer's on us!

Clockerb, wouldn't another walk to the bank be nice?

How about put the fucker online?

i mean, sort of more organized than i'm doing here... ;-)

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