February 24, 2006

Tom on...

Points of Blight. I just had dinner with two of them. Single moms in their 40s. The Class Formerly Known as "Middle." Lights/heat off. Mortgage not paid. No health insurance on mom. Kids on Medicaid. Getting $2.00 of gas a time. Groups of moms fixing meals on different nights to avoid the grocery store. more bounced checks. title pawn. can't pay back. lame paycheck eaten up in bounced-check fees. car repairs. work til 3 a.m. again. bronchitis. get sicker. No $ for drs appt. call uncle MD to get RX. bounce check to get meds. divorce not done--2 yrs and counting.

sweet jesus, my kid's teacher works from 6 - 3 and then goes to her night job from 6-12.

rob peter, pay paul,

hope to god.

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Jessica said...

I cringed as I read this because I can relate to so many of those feelings (and actions).

I remember reading about how Roseanne Barr would send her phone bill to the electric company and vice versa to buy herself a little more time - "That's fucking brilliant!!", I thought.

jr said...


Alison Rose said...

Brilliant post--captures the fear that so many people live with in this country daily.

I'm fortunate to have a steady job NOW, but we've all been there with the "which bill do I pay?" and the "jesus--diapers cost HOW much?" And it's not getting any better, as far as I can see.

Jessica said...

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