March 07, 2006

Acer Almost Erasure!

Acer makes the best laptop in the world. I knew that before today, because I LOVE my Acer, which Sheila Lennon hipped me to a couple of years ago.

That's why today, when I was standing at the top of the stairs ready to dash down the steps to a meeting, I was, well, uh, FUCKING HORRIFIED when the strap broke on my carry bag and I watched (should I say heard? smelled? are there enough senses to describe this?) my laptop tumble end to end down the wooden steps.

Me at the top.



Kaboom she went onto the landing. Inside the bag. With the strap attached at one end, and coiled loose at the other a long way from where it once HUNG ONTO MY FUCKING SHOULDER. I hate you dumb canvas bag. I should have never trusted you with her. She's better than you.

Initial thoughts: Not now. Not in the middle of an annual report. Not right before SXSW. Not NOW. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I clomped down the stairs in my heels (which I don't wear enough to actually walk like a human being in) and picked it up, flew to the counter, opened the bag--okay, cd drive sticking out--OH MY look at all of these crumbs. CRUMBS. Years of snacks shook loose by the blow. I brushed them off. Hugged her. Held my breath.

I pressed the power button.

She booted right up.


As far as I can tell, the only casualty is the CD drive--it won't stay shut anymore. Man, I hope that's all. It did something weird when I started it up an hour ago... looking for a hardware device. Maybe that's something to do with the CD drive being hosed.

I dunno.

All's well that ends with a post.


Sort of.

We'll see.

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