March 20, 2006

All Things Web 2.0 -- The VC Go-To List

Oh My, we've been busy.

If i were a big consulting company (which would look weird, for a person to be a big consulting company--would I have ears? a tongue? anyway...), I'd start a Practice Area who's job it was to test, mashup, and integrate these new techs to bring the best of them to the enterprise. Maybe I'd buy one or two. 'Cause Big Enterprises are scared to adopt, but when Big Consultancy says, "we've blessed it AND we have a methodology for implementing it," well then it's okay.

I might call this practice area my Internet Software Group? My New Apps Group? My Enterprise 2.0 Group? I dunno. how bout you? would you have ears and a tongue if you were a big consultancy?

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Andrew said...

If I were a consultancy, I would name myself "Consultant C." It would make sense, my last name beginning with a C and all.


Jeneane Sessum said...

and if i cut you, would you not bleed?