March 19, 2006

crohn's disease questions

My 24-year-old nephew was just diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I know some about Crohn's from initial searches, but figured where better than blogland to ask for information and good sources to get educated about it. I'm sure someone out there, or someone's loved one, knows about it first hand. Thanks for any information you have. Email or leave as a comment. THANKS!

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Jeri said...

There is a lot of info on the web about Crohn's, much of it wacko! The best place to start is, the Crohn's/Colitis Foundation web-site. One thing I will say is that prognosis for the disease is HIGHLY individual...some people are really sick all the time, some people live pretty normal lives, and there's no way of predicting how your nephew's case will play out. Another thing to be aware of...Crohn's does have a genetic component--if your nephew has it, that means everyone in your family related to him by blood has an increased chance of developing it (over the general population). My cousin was diagnosed when he was in his teens, I was diagnosed just before my 30th birthday. My cousin has had multiple surgeries and is pretty much disabled...I had one surgery and am pretty much fine, even though I have to be careful about what I eat and I take a boat-load of meds. Hurray for you in trying to understand what your nephew is facing!