March 22, 2006


Why am I up until nearly 2:00 blogging and talking about people needing people being the luckiest people in the world when 400 of you folks don't even need me enough to leave a comment now and then.

Okay I will state for the record that you faithful few who brave Blogger's fucking captcha thingy deserve EXTRA credit, which is why I'm going to write my best stuff just for you and not let the others see it.

Somehow. I haven't figured that out yet.

And what really pisses me off is the downright LAZINESS that has overtaken the blogosphere thanks to innovations like RSS. Right, the folks who USED TO BE pivot points for conversation aren't even IN the Technorati Top 100 anymore and do you know why that is? It's because blog readers have become content johns. That's right, they are addicts jonsing for some of that sweet hot content, and the fastest way for them to get it is to open up that big fat aggregator and feed read.

You know what happens to blogs when all you do is feed off their feeds, but you never click through and you never link and you never comment? THOSE BLOGS FALL DOWN GO BOOM. And the people you are forgetting to talk to are some of the hardest working bloggers in blog business. Working their asses off so you can save yourself the trouble of clicking a damn mouse. You'd rather read them in an ugly scrolling window. That's like coming over for dinner and eating in the front yard.

What's the matter with us? We have to get out and WALK the blog neighborhood. Everyone reading this post, please make sure that you have a blogroll. Sure, I can't tell you what to do, but Blogrolls are the antidote to RSS and aggregators. Bring back our conversation nodes, our watering holes, our double wides. Bring back our summer-time Christmas lights and nativity scenes.

Please. I am not writing posts for you to read; I AM TALKING TO YOU.

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