March 22, 2006

Atlanta, Trader Joe's Is Coming!

YIPEE! Trader Joe's is coming to Atlanta. I've always wanted to visit one.
Though Trader Joe's is a specialty market — offering more than 2,000 foodie-centric items — its prices typically are less expensive than gourmet grocers' and more closely resemble those found at traditional supermarkets.

Trader Joe's achieves this in several ways. The retailer, unlike a Publix or a Kroger, doesn't stock Cheetos or Downy and therefore doesn't have to pay the premium to get them. The limited number of brand-name goods Trader Joe's buys are bought in bulk directly from suppliers, cutting out the middle man. The retailer also manufactures its own products under its name and clever variations like Trader Jose's for Mexican meals and Trader Giotto's for Italian.

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Anne Zelenka said...

I am SO envious. I love Trader Joe's. I've had to live without one here in Hawaii for a year and a half; now I'm moving to Denver and there's no TJ's there either.

Benjy said...

TJ's is awesome! When I first moved back to Chicago, the only ones were out in the burbs and I had to load up on the way home from visiting my parents. Fortunately, we now have 2 nearby.

On the other hand, you guys have had Eatzi's forever. We just got our first one about 2 months ago. But it's walking distance, so that partly makes up for the delay...

Susan Kitchens said...

I live in the San Gabriel Valley, home of Trader Joe's. There are 3 in Pasadena, 1 in Monrovia (in walking distance, in fact I need to go there to get a Thing or Two), and my lil' town is so crazed that they not only set up a post card campaign to get Trader Joe's to open that store in Monrovia, but they romanced the corporate guys to move their corporate headquarters to Monrovia.

Do I sound like I'm bragging? (Sorry!) I lived in N. Cal for 6 months about 9 years ago. When I went up there, I saw that there was a TJs in town (pretty new there), and I called my Mom and said, "Everything is going to be all right, there's a TJs in town."

When Christopher Kimball, of the America's Test Kitchen fame (location: New England) came to do a book signing at Vroman's (Pasadena bookstore), I went and to this day I regret that I didn't say to him, "Welcome to the Land of Trader Joe's."

Anne, I think the situation with Colorado has to do with liquor laws for grocers. Least, I heard that in scuttlebutt somewhen, somewhere.