March 06, 2006

Canada's Bloody Side

O, Canada?

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Jon Husband said...

wow wow wow .. talk about coincidences !

I have just spent all morning with Dave at his home in the country north of Toronto, and have just said goodbye to him in the parking lot of a shopping mall in North Toronto buying a new computer in an Apple store (damn, mine fried itself last night).

So .. I say goodbye to him, walk in here where they are setting up the 'puter I purchased an hour ago, start fooling around on one of the display 'puters (of course everything in the store is connected to the net and everything else in the store), thought I'd see what Jeneane has to say, and wham-o .. a link to a Dave Pollard post.

Small darned world, I say ! Spooky, really.

And yeah, the seal kill/cull has been a contentious and highly-publicized high-profile issue (an unpleasant and uhappy one) for years.