March 07, 2006

Danah Deconstructs MySpace

Holy Seminal Work, Batman. A great paper for someone like me who hasn't dabbled there but wants to know WTF the deal is about MySpace.

Thx to Scoble for pointerizing it out.

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Collin said...

I recently created a MySpace site at the urging of various folk who said it would help publicize my upcoming book and my work in general. Since I created it about a month ago, I've been bombarded with visitors and requests from total strangers to be my "friend."

MySpace can be a bit addictive as you search for old friends, enemies, etc. Since it also allows you to keep a blog, I can see how it attracts people. Will I leave Blogger for it? No, but I've started mirroring some of posts from my blog over there.

Every little bit helps I guess...