March 25, 2006

Don't Fuck With My Cluetrain

I'm glad Tara has taken to heart some of the feedback to the Pinko Marketing wiki. I didn't get a chance to form my thoughts before the rest of the blogosphere lept in and apparently did it for me. I applaud the work Tara has put into the wiki and the boldness of the effort. My personal thoughts? Unusually easy-to-follow Wiki. Typical ballsy Tara Hunt style. But wrong theme and application. When it comes to Cluetrain, that Pinko dog don't hunt.

My initial reaction to the Pinko Marketing idea was personal. I have spent the last seven years helping put Cluetrain theories into practice in ways that reflected the true spirit of its magic -- in ways that demonstrated that Cluetrain was not about leftist political hippy acid trip ideals (so tempted to put "just" in, heh), but rather a totally new mirror held to the face of faceless corporations that said: LOOK! All you see is you, but we're here. HA!

Cluetrain detractors have always looked to put Cluetrain down by attributing to it characteristics that encourage enterprises to write it off as left-fringe nonesense. But Cluetrain was never "all touchy feely" as its critics would like to imply. Cluetrain is as much about money as it is about you and me. The principles of Cluetrain are as important economically as culturally to the foundation of modern business. It's not all about Robin Hood, or about sharing and hugging and beating on drums.

In other words, Yes, Virginia, there is a ROI.

It's just that your customers tell you what it's going to be.

Wherever Tara goes next with the idea, I'm looking forward to jumping in. As long as we all understand that Cluetrain is PERSONAL to a lot of folks. No one gets to pick who spearheads Cluetrain 2.0, because we don't need a Cluetrain 2.0. Cluetrain WAS 2.0 before 2.0 was 2.0.

Get it, Got it, Good.
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miss rogue said...

Hey Jeneane,

The Cluetrain is personal to me, as well. I've spent the past seven years also living (and sometimes dying) by the Cluetrain.

I'm not 'forking' it (in Open Source terms), believe me. I've been consulting Doc and Chris on what I'm doing. Getting their feedback. They aren't so offended...or haven't been anyway.

But I do think the Cluetrain is quite left of center...there is ROI, but not the kind that traditional business likes to hear. The proof is in the pudding, but are you able to measure conversation? Not definitively. But that's the point. Old measurements and ROI belong to old practices.

Anyway...Cluetrain detractors will definitely continue to be droves. That's okay by me. The rest of us are doing it, they're still spending money on big campaigns that support bloggers (through ad sense), writers (through ad buys) and public transit (through posters). We will need them around until we can figure out 'what's next' on that level. ;)

And...really...there is nothing wrong with "all touchy feely" anyway...I think it's what ends up connecting us anyway. ;)

Thanks Jeneane!

Seth Finkelstein said...

OH ... MY ... GOD!!!

That's not a parody? That's not someone's idea of an Onion-style joke?

Please, please, tell me that "Pinko Marketing" was intended as satire, along the lines of The Producers _Springtime For Hitler_

I feel lke someone is going to tell me I'm an idiot for not getting the thick-as-concrete irony, and believing there's someone in this world who could actually write that stuff seriously.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Left of center, okay. I think it's the analogy that misses the mark for me--again, just my opinion. And my opinion also that Cluetrain is finally becoming the undeniable default, so my instinct is to embrace that not position something as the next thing.

But there are no rules, thankfully, so you go, girl. I've got an enormous amount of respect for anything that comes outta Miss Rogue.

p.s. It IS an awesomely-designed Wiki. If it was something like Gotta Get that Train, you know, i dunno... Or even Pinko Marketing in a way that - like Seth says - acknowledges that THAT is what "the others" think of it as.

You know, kind of like if I did WOP Marketing as an Italian, which I am, but wait, that doesn't work either...but it's in the execution. It's not explaining why WOP makes sense. It's saying: Did you call me a WOP?! -- here's some whoopass for you then.

See? It's tricky. I'll shut up now. I've gone down a path that is, uh, well, i don't quite know. ;-)

Kingsley said...

I think it's a brilliant strategy to take the Orwellian edge out of Riya.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Hmmmm. You mean David Weinberger's wrong and NOTHING is Miscellaneous? EEEKS! ;-)

The Cheid said...

The amazing thing is that while she chastizes other coprorations / bloggers for "not listening"...(re: Cluetrain)...she herself doesn't listen when a huge mass of bloggers say "NO".