March 23, 2006

Euan on Aggregators and Windmills

Euan has some very good stuff on his uneasy relationship with aggregators.

It felt like I wasn't really visiting people any more. I had turned relationships into content. I was also increasingly frustrated that I didn't really know who was reading my own blog as it is hard to get a sense of how many people access your content through RSS and because of the lack of referalls you can't get to know them.

EXACTLY!! I didn't quite know how to word that part of my frustration--but Euan has.

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Richard said...

It's funny, as a newbie to aggregators, I just left the same kind of comment -- about not feeling like I'm visiting people at their houses -- on your post about the lazy aggregator people (which I got through Susan Mernit's link).

The other thing is I'm not sure aggregators really save me any time over reading the blogs themselves.

Ken said...

RSS aggravators will always be just that. RSS turned Robert Scoble into a baleen whale sucking dow blog krill that he generally doesn't read, digest or understand. Buzz words catch his eye and he occasionally spots something he mentions, but RSS turned him from a reader and participant into a skimmer who no longer reaches below the surface.

I use Bloglines, but I find it very RSS to be a very disengaging technology. We really do let it turn our community into content. Blech!

DeanLand said...

I have accounts with numerous aggrgators. None are truly satisfying. I end up using my blog roll to click and check on blogs of interest.

In my referrer logs I see a certain amount of aggregator clicks, day by day. I wonder who are these regular readers of my RSS feed . . .as oppposed to who they are as humans who breathe, blink their eyes, and grow their hair and nails.

PubSub tends to serve me more in the way I suppose aggregators are intended to, but PubSub looks for new info or feeds on topics/words/ec if specufic interest.

So I use my blogroll to check blogs, and also click on links in other places, so as to give those bloggers or sites the referral juice they so deserve.