March 10, 2006

Huge News!!!!

Google Buys Blogger!!!

oh. wait.


Never mind. Silly me. I guess that was some other web publishing tool used to process words.

Man, I sure wish Google would buy Blogger one day. Whoa--that would be so cool. They'd be able to invest in making Blogger great, not just easy. Add some new features. Infrastructure. Personalization stuff.

Man, if Google bought Blogger that would be SO COOL!

Here's hoping.

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The Humanity Critic said...

I feel you, I'm still wondering how bloggers actually get dough for their blogs..

madame l. said...

where's the live blogging from sswx or whatever it's called? hope the kid got to see the bats and get some free electronics.

Alvin Borromeo said...

I agree. I thought Google would really improve Blogger, but I've not seen much as of yet. I downloaded Qumana because I saw the link on one of your posts. So far, it seems like a neat program.