March 09, 2006

late night ideas then better thoughts

i could pepper some serious alfredo pasta with the ideas I have at night these days. (hee hee--at night, these days). oh wait, i just got on here to tell you about one and my god it's gone just like that. right in the middle of tickling my own funny bone about "at night" "these days." what the hell. let me tell you about the coolest kid I've ever met. Mine. She is just so awesome i love her so much.

this week the school had an art show where they trick you into paying $30 for a framed deliverable which is your own child's artwork that your tax dollars already went to support the making of, sold back to you at 3,000 times what you already paid. And you're glad to do it because she painted this beautiful picture called "The Family Table" and it has me and jenna and her daddy all around a table, and it's just so right because on each plate, as she explains, is steak, mashed potatoes and peas--"Is that not the BEST dinner mama?" "OH YES, JENNA!" and I say to her, hey I'm not brown I'm peach why did you paint me brown, and she said "NO mama, you're that one," and damn she's right, I thought she was me and I was her. Nope. The other way. She used to always put herself in the middle of every picture between George and I. This time I was in the middle. I assumed I was her because of her placement, but couldn't figure out why she was peach and I was brown. Never occurred to me that she swapped us at the dinner table. i thought oh man this is a step on the journey to being separate from us which i know has to happen once I hit 110.

Her plate was biggest. Go Jenna. We are all smiling and she always has papa's locks sticking straight up, except for tonight in a card she drew, she made them finally lay down on his head and we all laughed--HAHA you finally drew papas locks laying down--they get to rest!

So I love "The Family Table," and THAT alone was cool, but to make it cooler, today we got to go to the Pulitzer Prize awards where one child from each grade and class - K, 2, and 4 today - was selected to read their writing at a special breakfast honoring their work. They were chosen because of the hard work and good job they do in writing.

HA! GUESS WHO? Yes bright and early george and i got to go to a donut and orange juice Pulitzer Prize breakfast (don't tell the trademark police) and hear that sweet voice that we made come out of my belly read her story about her tooth, all about pulp and roots and decay and gums and plaque. It was just amazing. She shone. She got right up there and said her stuff in a strong and steady voice like a baby luther vandross einstein and i was all teary eyed. and she got a certificate. we told her Jenna we are so proud of you every day every day, and these days are just extra special and you did so well!!!

she said, boy i was nervous and i said you sure didn't look nervous i could have never done that when I was in second grade and you did it.

and now she's signed up for the talent show where she wants to sing, but first she's thinking of selling her electric guitar for $70.

Not a penny less.

she rocks my world.

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