March 07, 2006

some people send me email that makes me cry

I got this in my inbox today, must have been someone who read me, must have known it's march, hard march, with no fluffy introduction, no saying "I'm so and so and your blog is great." No, I just open it and I read this only:

Jeannine, I dream of lilac-time
Your eyes, they beam in lilac-time,
Your winning smile, and cheeks blushing like the rose,
Yet all the while, You sigh when nobody knows,
Jeannine, my Queen of lilac time,
When I return, I'll make you mine,
For you and I, our love-dream can never die,
Jeannine, I dream of lilac-time.

lyric by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
music by: Nathaniel Shilkret

thank you.

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