March 27, 2006


Susan asks Dear Blogger, Why Has Allied Disappeared Again?

THANK YOU, Susan. Maybe if 150 more bloggers ask, Blogger/Blogspot/Google will actually respond to one of my support emails -- which hasn't happened yesterday or today. Or from any of my posts.

SO for now, Allied is still intermittent -- the blank white screen seems to appear any time I stop posting for more than a couple of hours. This may be Blogger's New Cattle Prod Feature.

I'm sure we can turn it into a drinking game if we try hard enough.

Any time you see the blank allied screen, have a shot.

AA Workaround: Say the Serenity Prayer 3 times fast.


Doug Alder said...

While I can't get to I can get to all the individual articles such as this one

Of course if I wasn't using an aggregator and only usding a blog roll I wouldn't get your site at all as the blogroll would only be set to your index page, wheras in an aggregator it has the full link to each article. :)

Jeneane Sessum said...

I KNOW IS THAT NOT IRONIC OR WHAT. I suspect Dave Winer. ;-)

And yes, I've republshed the entire blog -- all 3,000+ entries -- several times w/out it making a difference.