March 31, 2006

AMAGATOR - go ahead, make my day.

amagration's an idea i left in werner vogels' comments - see it's an actual GOOD use for RSS, the particular technology which seems to be the only way to consistently read this blog now that it's taken to disappearing several times a day. so amagration (or amagation--heck i don't know a big alligator with a book or something) is this awesome new concept where by amazon builds the world's BEST aggregator where PLOP they're on the desktop of the customer -- or optionally it's web-based on -- and using this amagator or whatever we call it, customers can use the power of RSS not to visit other people online in their blog homes, but instead to get the latest author interviews, book reviews that THEY care about, product price changes that THEY care about, posts from authors THEY care about, research on topics THEY care about, and even feeds from related sites outside of amazon.

MAN WHAT IF you could subscribe to "Search Inside This Book" via RSS, so it's not just multiple instances of "borderline personality disorder" within a specific book, but multiple instances of BPD across EVERY book. It's an RSS feed to the amazon TAG for BPD that means EVERY mention inside EVERY book (current and future) inside Amazon flies itself into your amagator. On your desktop or inside amazon. Take your pick.

THAT'S how blogging fits. ALL KINDS of cool ways. And think of how the little feature above would help BLOGGERS at large with a STOREHOUSE of new fodder for writing.

because a lot of amazon's customers could benefit from blog fringe activies (i.e., beyond write-and-post), and they don't even know WTF RSS is. Or what podcasting is. Or what aggregators are.

And with truly two-way feeds, right, then customers can feed comments BACK to those folks who care about what they have to say (merchants, amazon itself, other reviewers, etc.). baby slap THAT on my desktop. I now live with you 24x7 amazon, and how much more likely am I to BUY YOUR SHIT now?

there's your roi.

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