March 27, 2006

A Google of People

Jenna was getting ready for bed and in her usual intense way reminded me that somebody somewhere died today. Oh my dear child. I am blessed. "Hmmmm," I said.
"Right mama? I mean the world is big. So somebody died someplace today."
I leveled with her while avoiding stating the obvious--that TONS of people died today--and die every day. Instead I simply said, "Well yes, given all the people on the planet, probably somebody did die today."
She said, "I know, because there are a LOT of people on the earth, like more than a million. I mean there's a google of people on the earth."
"A google of people? You mean like a 'billion' or 'gazillion'? Is that the word you mean?"
"No, I mean a google of people. When you add them all up. I mean A LOT of people, a GOOGLE."
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