March 28, 2006

What do I think of Strumpette?

About like this.

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Susan Getgood said...

Hi Jeneane. I think most women PR bloggers are staying away because the persona is offensive. I've posted on my blog and I know others have as well But we just don't feel like talking with "Amanda."

Jeneane Sessum said...

I actually find the general state of the industry and profession more offensive, and I'm in it. So, there you have it.

The Humanity Critic said...

I hear you, the industry is pretty offensive.

Michael said...

WOW?! And you say you work in PR? (If I'm wrong, please clarify/correct.)

I 100% disagree with you. The majority of those in PR/media relations are honorable, ethical and honest. I can send you links to many PR bloggers who fit that mold (based on their blogs).

If you are in PR and feel that way, please don't corrupt the industry and find another line of work.

Jeneane Sessum said...

the people are not the industry or its "best practices," Michael.

You say on your blog:

"But, companies do have more control over their brand than any other entity, individual or groups of individuals. Period. So, get over it. ;)"


Bonus feature: you get over it.

You ask HOW companies control their brand and give some examples. None of them are compelling. Least of all this:

"* Through marketing materials like ads, media and public relations, direct mail, sales literature, etc."

Wow. That's really interesting. And safe. buhbye.

G. Randy Primm said...

once upon a time, i had a broken nikon. i went downtown to helix (camera store in chitown) and the repair guy said 2 weeks.

duh, I need it now.

ok, go out to naperville (here's the address) and nikon can prolly help you a bit faster.

i drive 30 miles to naperville. in the back of an otherwise blank factory wall is a tiny sign "customer service." i enter. 10x10 bareass room, service window closed. beep, up pops japanese fellow, takes my camera, turns to *the repair desk right behind him* and fixes the camera. takes it apart. puts it back together. in three minutes flat.

gives it back, says, mo betta now,no charge, then shuts the service window.

THAT is pr.

i have never, and will never, buy any other camera than a nikon, and i have bought a lot of nikons.

Michael said...

First, the "get over it" reference was to BL Ochman's blog I had just linked to.

Like anything, it's easy to pick one item from a discussion, write up, etc., and pick it apart. You forget the other bullet point. And yes, granted, the two are all-encompasing. Maybe I should've been more specific.

No one can have an opinion on a company unless that company does something. And, that something, or those somethings include the traditional marcomm you pointed out, as well as the face-to-face contact in the other bullet point in the post you referenced: customer service, sales people, and even the online stuff like Web site, blogging, etc.

People are just reacting to what the company does. And, if the company acts consistently and with a focused, the prevailing view of the company will be at least close to what it is trying to accomplish.

Granted, you can't really control every customer "touch" or communication. But, the companies people tend to think favorably of do so consistently and with a focus.

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog.
Take care,