March 31, 2006

working on wordpress...

I'm trying to import my OPML file from into wordpress, but it keeps erroring out (new term, like it?) after two entries. I get this message:


XML error: undefined entity at line 13

Inserted ...As if its real

Inserted 25 Hours a Day

Inserted 2 links into category 1. All done! Go manage those links.

Anyone know what I have to do to get my WHOLE blogroll OMPL file into WP? What could be wrong at line 13?



ralph said...

You probably have an unescaped ampersand in your blogroll. Looking at the script output of your blogroll (since I can't get to an OPML version), I see this entry:

The NuNu Thing & blogads

XML parsers are very picky about things like ampersands.

The other possibilities are a number of ampersands within URLs in your blogroll, like this one:

In this case, the XML parser would be trying to find a character represented by the entity "&roll", which doesn't exist. That would also explain the error message you're getting.

The quick fix is to use a text editor to change all instances in the OPML file of "&" to "&". Hopefully that will allow you to import the file completely.

ralph said...

That second ampersand there should be &....