March 23, 2006

Yah Well, Leave it Blogger. Everyone's stuck on "smenita"

Leave it to ME to start bitching about comments and aggregation and then have Blogger Comments decide NOT to work for non-Blogger bloggers today. For crap. Could someone please come up with a reliable commenting tool? Could Dave Winer add this to his list of things to do before he goes?

I'm not interested in co-commenting right now. I'm interested in comments on my site that work but keep a relatively good deal of spam out. I'd PAY for it. After five years struggling with offering comments, first through YACCS and then through Blogger, I'm thinking there must be a better way. When I switch to moderated comments with Blogger, you should SEE the amount of spam that comes in. Don't ask me why, but it increases 20x.

Today, several readers were trying to comment on my unmoderated (but with a security word) post, all of whom coincidentally(?) got stuck on the same captcha code: smenita. WTF, Blogger?

In honor of those who tried to comment but couldn't, here's what you might have read from them.

From Dave Coustan:

I've been slow in getting a blogroll of some sort implemented on Earthling. This is the mild thrashing I needed to get moving with that. I'm not dropping my feed habit, but I'm with you about trying to maintain more intimate conversation spaces. In the blog

neighborhood you describe, maybe I'm one of the fingerless-gloved toughs in the alley gathered around a burning trash can.

Dave C.

From Sheila Lennon:

I downloaded and set up Headline Viewer years ago, but I kept forgetting to use it. Same for Sage, the Firefox sidebar extension. I like returning to familiar sites, I guess, seeing what you're all up to. Making my rounds is a comfortingly familiar routine to start and end the day. This means I probably vacuum up less information than feed readers (but I read fast!). I do use MyBlogLog to see referrals, and following up on these can lead to some interesting encounters with strangers who link to my blog out of the blue. I really like running into these one-offs. (Example, today.)

Welcome back to where I never left, J. It's still fun.

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Frank said...

Yup. "smenita" hung me up yesterday.

Sheila said...

What IS a smenita, anyway. Do I want one?

Jeneane Sessum said...

i think it's something dirty. Weird how everyone got hung on the same security word. what's up with that?

Weirder still that my FUCKING BLOG DISAPPEARED FOR 12 HOURS until i republished the whole thing, which took an hour. Glad to see i wasn't obliterated for revealing the secret semenita.

I often have to enter two codes before i can leave a comment on my own blog. But that was the first time the same captcha code kept coming up over and over. I guess that's called being "semenitad"

Frank said...

wasn't that in a beatles song? something about semenita pilchard climbing up the eiffel tower? it's not some kind of smelly excresence is it?

Ken said...

And my pithy comment that didn't prompt for menita disappeared in the process. I have no idea what the hell I said. I just know it was pithy and insightful.

Now that it vanished I'm really pithy.

Jeneane Sessum said...

what a pithy!