May 03, 2006

The Myspace Music I Dig So Far

So I've been in myspace three days now. I'm not saying I've found everyone, but here are some of my new favorite artists I didn't know three days ago. These are not the most linked to folks. I like em.

Meilana Gillard - sax - she is 24. sound of an old soul. hello, wtf?
Martin Luther - song: Rise - what-a-voice
Laura Khale - trumpet - aaaah!!!!
Burden Hand - okay?
Saul Williams. - hmmm/
Ledisi - souleyisious
Janelle Headley - just purdy.
Kai Eckhardt - techniqueorama
Oscar Jordan - comeonthen!
Mr. Eric Gales from Memphisssss
Patience Clements - lady. can. write.
Rich Eagle -  3 words - i'd sign him. he's active duty army too. hello A&R boys? Anyone home?

Okay, have to work now. More later--maybe I'll keep adding to it. I haven't gotten to the poetry yet.

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