May 03, 2006

I want an A&R Gig? Or: Genie, Make Me a Human Exchange!

So there's a sweet spot, i know it, in the intermediary role, for a short time, between what/who is inside myspace and what/who are not. transactions will take place there, in that in between place, half way between here and there. they already are.

And myspace is just one kind of social intranet.

SO, right then, another sweet spot making matches ACROSS various social intranets..

what do i mean by sweet spot? you can call it a mission, or you can call it money.

stavros forgive me. if not us, then what--them?

p.s, bro, how's it hanging? glad all is okay. i was worried. Which brings me to this: Guys, examine the jewels today, okay? And think of the wonderchicken. Because we blogmamas care about you.

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