May 02, 2006

What Is Myspace? The Internet's Intranet

It's all about circles and cycles and what comes and goes around and comes and goes around. Isn't it? Tom and I were talking, for a minute as he helped me through a traffic meltdown, about the re-AOLizing of the net, and how so much has changed, how we used to look at AOLers like trapped mini-zoo animals, right?

But what's so different about Myspace then? Well it IS different because now we can have our open space--AND our closed spaces too--essentially, have our net and our cake too.

For me at least, it's different. I'm going in from having already been on the outside, not being tossed out into a big bad world from the inside (like the old AOLers). It's like being on the Web at work and then using the corporate intranet to drilldown into specifics.

Now we have our social intranets. and i guess this is no big news, unless you're me, wondering why all the other 99 and 100 year olds on myspace didn't tell me sooner about ALL THE FUCKING MUSIC AND POETRY AND SHIT... ;-)

Hi Ray!

cross posted in myspace.

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...e... said...

what fucking music and poetry and shit?

Anonymous said...

Okay, you had me at myspace. Had me as in, "Wtf, J has lost it."

I say that cause the circles of my space I traced (btw, have you checked out Tracers have you been following parkour?-

Where was I? Oh, yes. Circles I have traced in the myspace world make me feel like I am in pick-up land. You know, hey, wanna date or make out or buy me something?

The other circles (like some of the bands) feel like I am in a pr loop because the band members have no voice.

So, link me to some kick ass stuff so I can play in the fun sandbox.