July 24, 2006

More thought on now and later and BlogHer and Qads

If you're a woman who has bled through her clothes on a mode of public transportation no matter how well you prepared, if you've ever been anemic and huff-and-puff tired, if you've felt so low low down about your uncooperative womb and how it rules your life when it decides to, then you'll know why it's looking less likely that I'll be hopping a Jet to CA on Thursday.

The doc wants another ultrasound in 3 weeks. Then we decide what to do. OR, more succinctly, when to do what has to be done. Gotta get Jenna back to school on the 14th. Gotta get George to Korea potentially soon. Gotta keep going. Put off menopause. Dig old Xanax out of the purse. Get moving. Get healthier before surgery. Keep working.

The cute ad below is from Qumana's Qads. Oh my gosh--it is unbelievably easy to add an ad to a blogpost with Qumana. All this time I was hesitant to push the "insert ad" button because I didn't know what I would be doing to my fine sponsors. I thought I might trigger an event that would, well, embarrass them, spewing penis spam throughout the blogosphere. But it doesn't work that way. You just click it and put in a keyword and Bob's your Uncle. It's almost like tag-ads. Like you put in a tag, and up comes an ad. I thought that's how Google ads were supposed to work, but they NEVER worked for me. Blogads are more involved--they are like horizontal ads, umbrella ads, while Qads lets you drill down to keywords and hook right up to waiting advertisers.

The moral of the story: Do not hesitate to click in life. Invest in overnight pads. And take your iron.

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