July 28, 2006

I am in the chat memorial for Mandarin Meg currently

Instructions for joining the Memorial chat for Meg Goodrich that is taking place at BlogHer:

open up your chat client

type /attach freenode

(the front slash is important I think)

when you have some indication that you are attached to freenode, type:

/join #mandarinmeg

We are sitting in silence. If something moves you to speak, feel free to share it in the chat. From Frank:

This gathering will be loosely modeled on Quaker practice: coming together in silence, followed by some brief comments by me regarding our purpose there, then continuing quiet while people speak when they feel moved to share. We will ask that each person speak only once until all present have had a chance to share. After an hour of silence broken by our thoughts and memories, I will break the silence by standing and thanking those in attendance.

This memorial chat goes from 3:45 pacific time for what I think is about an hour.

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