July 23, 2006

When it rains it rains

And that means good things as well as the other kind.

I've been deep in thought lately--and deep into work--both of which hamper the old blogging ritual. Lots to think about and lots to do. The Friday doctor's appointment was interesting. I think he's my favorite surgeon I never met.

I went to the office for my appointment to realize that I was at the WRONG office, and couldn't find the doc's number through information, so i finally called another doc who had his number, which I then dialed and reached the office staff, who were gracious enough to say come on up (20 miles) even though I was now an hour late, and so I drove it on my donut tire (because the tire place was fixing the flat) and got there only to realize that I would never make Jenna's final camp party, which I promised to attend, if I didn't leave right away. So I went up to the window and just put my head in my hands and said, "you have to help me with this." The most efficient receptionist I've ever met listened while I explained getting lost, and the donut spare, and my daughter's picnic, and my pain, and my other appointment on Monday and everything.

He said, "Hey, it's okay. You should go be with your child--you promised." And I wanted to hug him as he re-scheduled me and sent me on with a smile and a new appointment card, after which I drove back down to Jenna's camp for the cookout and party that lasted two hours in 140-degree heat, but mostly was inside, praise the lord, and with one slipper on my left TOE foot, and one shoe on my right, I participated in the three-legged race, the hoola-hoop-pass-through, and the egg-and-spoon relay, because when you're a mom that is precisely the kind of day Friday can be.

So let's just get honest here and say that I will be having a hysterectomy sooner or later--the timeframe of which will be discussed on Monday, and THAT alone is interesting as I say this in front of friends and clients alike--thank god most of my clients are also friends--but I figure outside of the first week of pain-medicine-sleep, I should be able to work on my laptop and little else. Hormonal changes notwithstanding, I'm figuring post-hyst to be a productive time for work. And apparently just hanging around in bed is the matter of course after a TAH for a couple/few weeks/months.

And that's all well and good, and I'm excited for George that his new working band (and i mean working as in, not so much an artistic endeavor but a band designed to satisfy well-paying overseas venues) may have just landed a gig in Korea for three months, except that gee that is an interesting development given these current state of home front affairs, and my bowels shudder and loosen at the thought of solo parenthood coinciding with surgery and recovery. But then who knows? Mysterious ways. Goodness knows.

If life were supposed to be orderly, then my house wouldn't look like it does and my kid wouldn't have open paints and blendy pens all over her floor, and I wouldn't have to take a half of a zzzzanax as I mull over the many possibilities in the weeks and months ahead.

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