May 29, 2007

OMG They are So in Love

Well, she moved into his house today. It is that simple. He had his house--it was his house and he loved it. She moved into his cage and started to eat his house (who had the idea of making an edible hamster house I do not know). Next, they fell in love and were doing the hamster dance all night, and now she has taken up residence in the house she once considered dinner.

All seems well.

I thought, what a joke to make a house out of food. A bizarre hamster fairy tale. Here is your house: it is made out of your favorite food. If you eat it, you are homeless. As if your life in a cage was not bad enough.

But things are looking up for old Marshmallow. He has a housemate and a wife. Sure her butt sticks out the doorway, but what an you do. At least she has stopped eating his house. I don't think anyone can ask for much more than that.


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