May 28, 2007

she ran calling wildfire

Five days post-op, six laps around the driveway today, plus plenty of steps. I was glad to get outside--the last two days have been Code Orange days in our area. Not terrorist threats, but smoke.

The smoke from the southeastern wildfires has been hanging over us for two days and folks with heath issues have been advised to stay inside. I went out to the mailbox and back yesterday, and it smelled like a worldwide backyard bonfire. The haze was pretty thick. But it lifted today enough to bring us down to yellow, so I had my driveway parade. It hurt some but wasn't too bad.

Pain is interesting. Or something like that. Mind you, what I'm going through is a drop in the bucket compared to others with chronic issues. At the hospital the nurses told me I was super for getting up and walking an hour after I got into my room. I made a point to walk a lot since walking is the best way to not get blood clots and helps fewer adhesions form. They kept pointing to the pain scale faces, and I think I hovered around 3 the whole time. They seemed pretty amazed I wasn't in more pain. I say, if you haven't woken up in the OR pre-pain-meds after a six-hour myomectomy, you don't know after-surgery pain. They are right about the laparoscopy--the pain is much less. I am so thankful for that. And good pain meds don't hurt. ;-)

All in all, so far so good. 5 days down. And counting.

Thank you one and all for your good wishes, emails, comments, and prayers. Some of you will believe me, some not, but whether you do or don't isn't the point. Before they took me into the OR, I actually heard and felt them. Straight up. We matter to each other and it matters when we get real. Real isn't always pretty. Can't sanitize it. Can't forget it. The Good Lord knows.

I am grateful to you more than I can say.

Now, it's back to the hamster action.

I just went down and had a look. Old Marshmallow hasn't been so active in a long while. He was even chewing on his wooden house. He hasn't chewed in forever. He was also chasing Cupcake around the cage. In a good way. They are both drinking from the water bottles like fish. Or something.

Hey, they have each other. They seem happy.


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