May 29, 2007

So far so good on the hamster front, what about ants

There's something peaceful and even funny about watching little animals -- their superfast miniature relationship building techniques not so different from ours. We still have an ant farm from Christmas that we haven't ordered ants for.

George and Jenna thought maybe we could collect ants from the yard, but the instructions tell a lot about different types of ants and how they behave and how getting the wrong kind of ant will either overpopulate the farm, or sometimes you get the very aggressive ants and then even the good ants you do want end up all fighting and killing each other and then you have no ants in the ant farm. Reminds me in some ways of the blogworld, and I'm not even sure how. But for $5 I guess it's worth ordering the right kind of ants that come with a queen so it's like a litte ant ecosystem in a box.

Fear is hard. I'm there too often. But things like hamsters and ants and writing about hamsters and ants seem to help. I suppose it's time to order some ants.

Going to not worry about writing for a while. Will be here as I can. Resting otherwise.