May 27, 2007

when marshmallow met cupcake

thank you thank you thank you thank you for bein' here for my
six holes blues
grateful for walking talking stalking online funin' incision lovin'
six holes blues

Recuperation update: So far so good.

There's a new hamster in town. That's something. George and Jenna decided that my recovery would be more interesting if they brought home a female hamster to be a potential mate for the ancient three year old Max/Marshmallow we've had since Jenna was in first grade. Determined to carry on the line of the SuperHamster, they went to Pet Smart yesterday.

To wit, Vanilla Cupcake has joined the family. She has her own cage for now during this courtship phase. George thought it would be better for her to get used to her new home before introducing the two. Their cages are side by side. Last night they dined separately on special hamster popcorn. Who knew?

I enjoy sitting and watching the spry Miss Cupcake on her wheel. She is a wheel addict. Go cupcake, run for me and all of the cupcakes like me I left behind on floor 4.

For his part, Mr. Marshmallow came out and observed his new neighbor--it has been a while now since his entire family died off.

He took one look at her and went back in his house.

Not exactly a made for TV movie or Sunday night Animal Planet special. But we still have hope.


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